Helping divorced and divorcing couples resolve disagreements

in a way that saves time, money, and relationships 

so they can build a brighter future for their families.


Divorce Mediation

Divorce is a process of untangling years of financial and emotional threads and often divorce is only the first step in what can amount to years of post-divorce modifications.


Capstone offers mediation services as an alternative to litigating your differences.  Mediation allows you more control over your divorce process; you decide how to divide your assets and liabilities, how to share in parenting responsibilities, and how much time and money to spend on the process.  

Court Fillings

Whether this is divorce or a post divorce modification you must file the appropriate documents with the court in order to have an enforceable order from the court.


Capstone can help you through this process. After mediation we work with you to file with the court the agreements you have reached so that your agreements can be legally enforced by order of a court. 


The Capstone Process

First, each person meets with Brenna to go over your goals, the process, and information requirements. We then all meet in a mediation sessions to identify areas of agreement and disagreement and begin the work of resolving those differences. After the first meeting you may have some additional information gathering to do.


Once you both have agreed on the issues you want resolved in mediation Brenna will draft a Mediated Settlement Agreement. At this time you can have the Agreement reviewed by your independent legal counsel and/or Brenna can arrange for the appropriate court filings if you both agree.


Love Loss Lesson

Presented By

Brenna W. Moore,JD

An informative monthly presentation focused on helping individuals understand legal options and emotional preparedness in healthfully navigating divorce.

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