Helping divorced and divorcing couples resolve disagreements

in a way that saves time, money, and relationships 

so they can build a brighter future for their families.

How much does mediation cost? 

$200 / Hour


Brenna Moore charges $200 per hour. No retainer is collected, instead clients are asked to pay after each session.

We seek to charge a fair and reasonable price. We are willing to discuss this with you if financial accommodations are necessary. 

How long does mediation take?

2-3 hour long sessions with 2-5 sessions total


Sessions are usually scheduled in 2 hour blocks. We work together to build an agenda and a timeline that works for your situation. Most issues can be resolved in 2-5 sessions with additional time needed when there is more conflict.


What issues will we discuss in Mediation?

You can decide or we can lead you 


Mediation is voluntary and we can discuss issues around finances, custody, and parenting or any combination of those three topic areas. The process is catered to meet your needs and focuses on your points of agreement and disagreement in order to achieve what you agree is an equitable settlement under your circumstances.

Who participates in the mediation?

You can decide 


Mediation is a confidential process where the parents meet one on one with the mediator then all three meet to discuss the issues. Occasionally parties may find it helpful to have an attorney or support person present which can be accommodated if all parties consent. 

Children do not attend any joint mediation however there are child inclusive mediation options that we can discuss with parents.