Helping divorced and divorcing couples resolve disagreements

in a way that saves time, money, and relationships 

so they can build a brighter future for their families.


What we aim to do, is help parents create durable solutions that meet their children's needs and the needs of the parents so that a new family structure can bloom.   

At Capstone Family Mediation we facilitate a process where parents can resolve the financial, custody and parenting time issues raised in their divorce or separation.  The process helps build positive communication and position your families for success going forward.

This process works best for parents that put the needs of their children first and want to have a healthy co-parenting relationship in the future but that seem to erupt in disagreement; or that want to understand what separation would look like while they are still in counseling. The process is also good in high conflict situations to help narrow the number of issues the judge will be asked to decide on. Every family situation is unique and mediation allows you to create an equally unique and equitable solution for all parties.


Brenna W. Moore.JPG
Brenna Wheeler Moore

Brenna earned her undergraduate degree from Oregon State University and her Law Degree from Willamette University College of Law. After spending over a decade as an advocate and policy analyst she experienced her own life changing divorce. This experience ultimately led her to change career paths to work with other couples experiencing family conflict arising out of separation and divorce.  

Brenna has taken specialized training in civil mediation, and mediation for family law finances. She has completed over 500 clinical hours with Clackamas County Resolution Services as well as training hours with Multnomah County Small Claims.  These hours resulted in her completing the qualifications for court connected domestic relations mediator for parenting time and financial matters as well as the general civil mediation qualifications under Chief Justice Order No. 05-028.

Brenna is an active member of the Oregon State Bar Association and an inactive member of the Washington State Bar Association.

When not mediating divorce matters she consults in the energy industry, co-parents her son and whenever possible commutes by bike.